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- folding editor -

1.) download foldor.jar
2.) Run Editor via java -jar foldor.jar
3.) Comments & Critics are appreciated  (forum/email)

-editing of tree structured text via folders
-environments for different documents (currently java,tex,plain text,lisp-like script)
-editor makes backups before saving.
-further documentation (keys) within editor

Java Environment
Syntaxhighlighting; Folding of Classes and Methods;
Compile and Run Java from within Editor

Text Environment
For structured notes; Free formatting of Text (see Documentation within Editor);
Images are insertable in texts

(La)TeX Environment
Folding is applied to chapters, sections, subsections, slides; Syntaxhighlighting;
Compile (Texify) Documents and Start Viewer from with Editor

Lisp-Script Environment
Another Programming Language Environment; Syntaxhighlighting