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last update: 12.04.03 18:43

P4D* (Lowpoly 3D Editor and Game Environment)

Zip content

-editor for bonebased meshes, animations & textures
  -with quake3 md3 import/export
-1st person action game demo
-round based strategy demo
-game data: 3+ models, browseable/changeable by the editor
-complete sources & java binaries

Engine features:
-(simple) multitexturing
-(simple) particle system 
-(simple) script system
-(simple) physics

Documentation, Questions, Comments
-early release state; no documentation; please check sourcecode or contact the forum

How to Install
-download p4dAll.zip
-make sure you have java version 1.3 or higher.
-make sure you have gl4java installed.
-extract the zip into a folder of your choice.
-with win32 run p4d_editor.bat/ p4d_fightdemo.bat
/ p4d_rounddemo.bat; enter quite similar commands into a shell if you have another system.

  -fileformat change
  -md3 import/export
  -new model, round based strategy demo
-12.2002: first releaseyou have another system.

Coming next
-import/export for doom3 md5 files

*) "P4D" = "P4D means 4 Dimensions"

editor: quake3 md3 import/export


the editor

action game demo

round based strategy game demo

round based strategy demo - script sequence

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